What is Investor Visa

To keep it simple, foreigners can obtain a one-year Investment Visa by investing a minimum 10 Million Baht (MB)

Why to invest in Thailand

Investing in Thailand, especially in real estate, allows you to take advantage of both a significant growth potential; given the attractive prices


We are dedicated to enable developers and investors around the world add exponential value to each other. Our formula for success is built upon the following strengths.

Property Management in Thailand

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Signing a Contract


Trust and Confidence

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Legal Compliance

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What is Thai Investment



Following are the ways:

  • Buying condominium units of at least 10 Million Baht in new developments.

  • Buying Thai government or Thai state enterprise bonds worth at least 10 Million Baht.

  • Deposit the funds, in a Fixed Deposit Account in a Thai Bank.


Foreign investors looking to apply for the Investment Visa programme are permitted to invest in a combination of assets at their discretion.


As an example an investor can buy 2 condo units at 5 MB each or alternatively a 4 MB condo and deposit the remaining 6 MB in a Fixed Deposit Account; just as long as the minimum investment requirement of 10 MB is fulfilled.


It is important for potential investors to note:

  • Thai Investment Visas do not allow foreigners to work in Thailand.

  • Applicants must already hold a Non-Immigrant Visa.

  • Investments can only be made in new builds directly from a developer.


The entry-level of 10 MB minimum investment and other requirements stated above, unfortunately severely limits eligibility and benefits of applying to the investment programme.

The biggest benefits of applying and obtaining a Visa of this category:

  • Holders of Thai Investment Visas are granted a one-year visa that can be renewed on an annual basis.

  • The immediate family of the investors (I.e. Spouse and Children) are eligible to apply for the visa.


Who should apply?

It is important to note that Thailand offers a wide range of visa options from Non-Immigrant B Visa for working professionals to Retirement Visas for individuals over the age of 50. Therefore it is always recommended to consult with a lawyer to understand your residency options

A Thai property investment visa nonetheless allows you lifetime access to one of Asia’s most centrally located and dynamic economies. Of course, it lets you live in Thailand permanently as well if that’s your main goal.

I’m not a lawyer – nor do I think you need to be in order to simply apply for a visa. Yet I’ve personally gone through Thailand’s investment visa process myself and feel qualified to speak on the matter as a result of my own personal experience.



You must obtain several documents before applying for a Thailand property investment visa. Some of these are easy to get while others are a headache.First, you need a foreign exchange transaction form (FET) from the seller’s bank. FETs serve as proof that you transferred 10 million baht from abroad. Any reputable real estate developer should do the legwork and easily give you the form.


Next, you must get a government appraisal which involves going to the city’s (or in in Bangkok, the district’s) land office. Land offices already have them on record and can usually provide it within one day. Last, you’ll need the condo’s residence book, its title deed, and transfer tax receipt. The land office should have already given you those three documents when you initially bought the condo.


The requirements are more straightforward if you put ten million baht into a fixed deposit. Just show an FET and a bank statement proving your investment.Apart from the obvious things like passport pictures along with a few copies, you’re now ready to apply for a Thai investor visa.



Unfortunately, the bureaucracy doesn’t end after you’re approved for a Thai investment visa. You will receive a visa with a 90-day validity in the process described above. Afterwards, within two weeks of its expiration date, you must take the same set of documents to immigration once more to extend that visa for another year. Thailand’s investor visa is a de-facto permanent residence. You can indefinitely extend it for another one-year as long as you maintain the original ten million baht worth of real estate, bonds, or deposits.


However, you still have to ensure your visa is maintained. It requires showing up at the immigration office annually at approximately the same time each year, within two weeks of your visa’s expiration date. Your visa will expire if it’s not extended again before its expiration.

This might prove difficult for anyone who travels a lot and doesn’t plan on living in Thailand full-time. Not everyone can be in Thailand for a specific two-week period each year.


Obtain a privilege entry visa to Thailand and enjoy an affordable yet exceptionally high standard of living. With the Thailand Elite Residence Program, you can secure the right to live in Thailand for up to 20 years with a residence visa, all while experiencing beautiful natural attractions, world-class shopping, and idyllic island getaways. Enjoy a selection of additional complimentary luxury services and benefits and travel easily through border control and immigration procedures.


  • A long-term residence visa that allows you to reside in the country throughout the visa validity

  • A multiple entry residence visa with no minimum stay requirements

  • Attractive tax regime

  • Complimentary VIP services

  • Access to numerous benefits and discounts across Thailand

Program details:

  • Program validity: Five years to twenty years

  • Program fee: Ranges from THB 500,000 to THB 2.14 million (approximately USD 16,000 to USD 68,000)

  • Annual fees: None*

  • Age requirement: None

*Annual fees apply for the Elite Ultimate Privilege and the Elite Family Premium options. An age requirement of 20 years and over applies for the Elite Ultimate Privilege.


Why to invest in Thailand


Investing in Thailand, especially in real estate, allows you to take advantage of both a significant growth potential; given the attractive prices, the development of the country, its infrastructure projects and HIGH RENTAL YIELDS (between 5 and 10% per year), which benefit the growing number of expatriates, tourists, retirees and increasing local demand.

Depending on your objectives, that can be:

  • Capital Appreciation

  • Investment diversification

  • Income generation

As per survey 2019 there is a tremendous increase of foreign buyers of property in Thailand that are due to some of the following major reasons:

  • Location

       Thailand enjoys convenient and beneficial trading opportunities with India, China and the members of the ASEAN. This helps Thailand

       expand its business ties, economic growth and provide better investment opportunities to foreign investors.

  • Support from Government

       Industries have developed and the government is welcoming foreigners to invest in the Thai economy. Through the Board of Investment (BOI),

       the government is offering various tax incentives schemes to its investors.

  • Infrastructure

       Thailand is gifted with abundant natural resources, improved IT networks (even better than Malaysia’s) skilled workforce, modern                 

       transportation and communication facilities. All these provide the best of business, living conditions and these

       infrastructures & amenities are one of the vital reasons why tourists and investors flock to Thailand.

  • FDI Policies and investment

       More positive news on the Thai’s economic growth; Thai’s FDI investment applications exceeded BOI’s targets in 2016, totaling THB 584

       billion. On these applications, total foreign investments is THB 358 billion.

  • AFTA (Asean free trade Association)

       Thailand is one of the founding member of Asean and under this agreement the aim is to make import duties to zero.

  • Safe and Protected

       Recognizing and respecting the international rules like the Paris Convention, the Patent Cooperation Treaty, etc.; Thailand government too, has

       worked towards protecting the global brands registered in its country. Now you’re probably wondering, how does this have anything to do with

       property investors? You might have heard that foreign investors are not allowed to own any properties / land in Thailand (unlike in Malaysia

       where foreigners can easily own numerous properties in our soil). That’s because we have as a wiser and more innovative investor, it’s time to

       not limit investments as investments alone. We need to improvise and build a business with properties.

Is there any local tax implications of buying property for foreigner in Thailand?

It is easy to buy a freehold property in Bangkok under one's own name. It is possible to get tenants who rent your unit for one year at least. There is no inheritance tax and no property tax under 50 million THB (Thai Baht)

All above information is just for referral basis only. PRG hold no responsible or guarantee any visa approvals for any individual. We only facilitate the services through right channels and process as per govt. norms & regulations. The information is subject to change without any prior notice.